Abstract Preparation

CT-JSHS Abstract Preparation

All JSHS student applicants must submit a 250-word maximum abstract in electronic format. The abstract should accurately convey the essential nature of the research conducted and the most significant conclusions reached. A further purpose of the abstract is to attract the interest and curiosity of the non-specialist reader and thus encourage exchange, discussion, and elaboration between various authors and between authors and readers.

The format for the 250-word abstract includes:
1 inch margins, keyed in 10 or 12 point font (Times or Times New Roman).

File should be named: LnameFnameAbstract as a PDF file.
Abstracts must be adequate in length but not exceed these specifications.

The header preceding the abstract body must include:
1. Title of the research; 2. Author’s name(s); 3. High school, high school city, high school state; 4. Name of teacher/mentor/sponsor and his or her organization. Precede the individual’s name with a subheading (i.e. teacher, mentor, sponsor); 5. Include one line of space between the heading and the abstract body.

Abstracts will be published in the symposium proceedings. Please carefully proofread your submission, since abstracts will not be typed or edited.

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