Invitation to apply for the Advancing STEM Research Teaching Program (deadline 11/13)

This professional development program for high school teachers is completely free thanks to funding from Regeneron and Carl Zeiss Microscopy. Over the past 5 years, individual teachers, groups of teachers and Science Fair Directors have applied, been accepted, and benefitted from this very customized ASRT program.

If one or more of the “Top 10 mistakes teachers make….” (PDF below) have impacted you, or the high school teachers in your region, when guiding your students through planning, working on, and presenting STEM Research projects, you/they should consider applying for the free, customized, in-person, Advancing STEM Research Teaching Program.

As a Science Fair Director, please consider applying with the goal of bringing the high school teachers together for a multiple day, customized, professional development program.
In addition, please consider forwarding this email to all the high school teachers in your region so that they may apply, individually or as a group, if they are interested.

** The links to apply are at the bottom of this email.

The Advancing STEM Research Teaching Program:

·        is a 4-5 day, in-person, professional development program focused on curriculum, activities, and guides to support high school teachers involved in providing science/STEM research opportunities for their students.

·        is free, thanks to funding from Regeneron and Carl Zeiss Microscopy

·        takes place at a location that you choose, which is typically in/near your school/office or where your science fair is hosted.

·        is typically 4.5 days of in-person professional development during the summer months, with follow-up support, as needed, via Zoom during the school year. If it is held during the school year, then it is typically a 3 – 3.5 day
in-person program followed up by online sessions during the school year.

·        provides a curriculum, filled with numerous activities and guides that can be customized by teachers who provide research opportunities within a traditional STEM classroom setting, or those with a small, growing research program/club, or even those with more established Science Research Programs/Clubs

·        is customized to help high school teachers reach their goals and overcome obstacles specific to their school/region.

·        provides information and insight regarding all stages of the student research process and the opportunities for students to present in public, including in science fairs and other competitive/non-competitive venues.

·        has helped teachers/Fair Directors from urban, suburban, and rural areas and from a wide variety of states including Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.


The ASRT Application:

·        launches in early October and closes on November 13, 2023.

·        is open to all high school teachers who support students involved in STEM research projects from small, medium, or large schools. Teachers may apply individually or as a group.

·        is open to all Science Fair Directors, from small, medium, or large, science fairs, that would like to bring together a group of high school, and potentially middle school, teachers (up to 20), for a week of free, customizable, professional development. The Science Fair Director would be responsible for organizing the group and providing a location for the ASRT program in their region.


The ASRT selection process:

Applicants will be evaluated by a committee from Regeneron and/or ZEISS, based on several different criteria including:

·        an interest in increasing students’ understanding & critical thinking, technology-based skills, networking/communication skills and presentation skills.

·        an interest in increasing the number of high school students who carry out projects and/or the quality/level of those projects and/or the types/categories of the projects.

·        an interest in increasing participation in regional, state, national and international science fairs with students of all background/cultures/academic levels

Comments from previous ASRT participants (more can be found on the ASRT website):

§  The ASRT Program provided me with resources, ideas, inspiration, and energy to expand science research opportunities for my high school students. I found the workshop extremely worthwhile (one of the best PD opportunities of my teaching career). Michael is a wonderful, energetic educator who believes deeply in the life-changing power of high school science research programs.  Nathaniel Lohmann – Colorado

§  ASRT is an all-inclusive toolkit and curriculum for guiding your students through self-led STEM projects. Emma Carey – Maine

§ ASRT program is an immersive professional development program that allows beginner, intermediate or advanced/veteran teachers of STEM research projects to gain valuable skills, curriculum, activities, and best practices in guiding students through STEM research.  Jennifer Nilvo – New Mexico

§ This program is everything you need to start, restructure, or enhance your high school research unit/club/program. I am leaving the program with numerous resources that I can use the next day as well as for years to come.  Lauren Taylor – Texas

§  ASRT has been the best and most useful professional development I’ve ever attended.  The instruction and ready-to-use resources provided by Michael Blueglass are tried and true.  Paul C. Timm – Nebraska

§  The ASRT program is one of the best workshops that I have ever attended. As a new teacher this workshop was invaluable to getting a Science Research Program started! It provided all the necessary pieces.  Kristen Bonner – Utah

§  Have you ever wished for standards to base your research curriculum on? Do you constantly feel like you wish there was a textbook or worksheets from “Teachers Pay Teachers” that you can use for your science research class? I went into the ASRT professional development workshop thinking “I can’t believe this is an entire week” and left wishing there was a second week. Please apply. You will thank me later.  Kathleen McAuley-Dias – New York

§  It would have taken me years of sweat and tears to come up with these ideas on my own. Michael was an incredibly motivating and knowledgeable speaker. ASRT has given me both a pathway and a support network to improve the science research program in my high school.  Lauren Kidd – Colorado

§  I would once again like to thank Regeneron for the incredible opportunity I was given in 2020 to meet with Michael Blueglass and participate in the ASRT program. Before meeting Michael, my goal was to get one project to ISEF, just once, as well as win a few additional awards for my students at our regional and state fairs. Meeting with and learning from Michael allowed me to blow those expectations out of the water! The ASRT program, as well as Michael, has helped to shape my science research program into a complete powerhouse. I followed his advice of “Make it a ‘thing’, until it becomes a THING,” and boy has it become A THING! Michael has not only helped my program and students grow, but he has helped me grow professionally as well. I have become the “go-to” in our region for questions and advice for other projects, advisors, and students. Our region is growing and becoming more knowledgeable thanks to the ASRT program. Tana Schafer – North Dakota


§  The application will remain open until November 13, 2023.

§  Link to apply for High School Teachers:

§  Link to apply for Science Fair Directors:

§  A copy of the two different applications are below (Fair Director version & Teacher version) to this email so that anyone interested in applying can preview the questions and the potential dates of the ASRT program. In addition, more information about the program is below.

§  The high school teacher(s) or science fair director(s) who are selected as “Finalists” will receive multiple days of in-person consulting sessions (typically 4.5 days), at or near their school(s) as well as the opportunity to have follow-up sessions online (Zoom/Google Meet) throughout the year.

§  Additional teachers/Fair Directors may be selected as “Semifinalists” and will receive up to 2 days of consulting via an online/virtual format.

§  Teachers and/or science fair directors who have applied will receive an email regarding whether they were selected or not by early December.

§  The online application deadline is Monday, November 13th at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time).

Thank you 

Michael Blueglass
Advancing STEM Research Teaching Program Director (ASRT)
Regeneron-Westchester (NY) Science and Engineering Fair President (WESEF)
Email –
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(914) 447-3568