Competitive Posters

Justin BernsteinGreenwich High SchoolCreation and Simulation of Function of Claramine-Atorvastatin Coated Hyaluronic Acid Nanoparticles for Targeted Dissolution of Atherosclerotic Plaque  
Justin Bernstein's Poster
Audrey LinGreenwich High SchoolEco-Friendly Removal of Eutrophication-Initiating NH4+ from Water via SAP-Enhanced, Activated Food Waste Biochar Adsorption Films​
Audrey Lin's Poster
Anushka AcharyaAmity Regional High SchoolComparing the Efficacy of Various Types of Neural Networks in Predicting the RNA Sequences of Splice Isoforms
Anushka Acharya's Poster
Audrey CummingsAmity Regional High SchoolThe Effect of Cannabis Use on the Acceleration of Biological Age
Audrey Cummings' Poster
Avery HornDarien High SchoolUtilization of Decellularized Spinach as a Vascular Perfusion System for Organoid Development
Avery Horn's Poster
Kavya PodilaRidgefield High SchoolExamining the Characteristics of Residual Pancreatic Cells and Islets in Type 1 Diabetes
Kavya Podila's Poster
Heather WallaceRidgefield High SchoolEngineering a Methodology to Efficiently and Effectively Discover and Classify Micrometeorites
Heather Wallace's Poster
Jonah RosenbaumBridgeport Reqional Aquaculture Science and Technology Education CenterUsing Magnetic Fields to Direct Crystallization of Calcium Carbonate to Emulate the Growth of Trabeculae Post Bone Fracture
Jonah Rosenbaum's Poster
Shauna SchiffmanChoate Rosemary HallUnsupervised Autoencoder Models for the Feature Extraction of Multiplex Tumor Images
Shauna Schiffman's Poster
Avani KulkarniAmity Regional High SchoolCreating Accurate Models of Mass-Transfering Eclipsing Binary Star Systems To Predict The Conditions Necessary For Blue Straggler Formation & Evolution
Avani Kulkarni's Poster
Ryan WempenKing SchoolDesigning a Simulation for Aerothermodynamic Performance of Transatmospheric Vehicles and Ablative Heat Shield Designs for Space Exploration Reentry and Hypersonic Missile Defense
Ryan Wempen's Poster
Sylvia SquatritoManchester High SchoolSpectrophotometric Determination of the Total Polysaccharide Content of Ganoderma Lucidum Grown Under Different Conditions
Sylvia Squatrito's Poster
Anna MossGreens Farms AcademyThe Safety and Efficacy of Apple Cider Vinegar as a Topical Antibiotic: Its Antibacterial Effects on Pathogenic and Commensal Staphylococcus and on the Human Epidermal Microbiome
Anna Moss' Poster
Velia RussmanThomaston High SchoolPower Generation by Different Wastewater Types in Single-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells
Velia Russman's Poster
Shawn GregoryWilton High SchoolExamining the Effects of PFA Water Contamination on Adult Stem Cell Differentiation, Pluripotency, and Integrity Using Schmidtea mediterranea
Shawn Gregory's Poster
Samantha VerdejoRidgefield High SchoolThe Efficacy of Varying Sound Frequencies on Accelerating Colony Formation and Zymolytic Properties of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Samantha Verdejo's Poster
Erika PintoBridgeport Regional Aquaculture Science and Technology Education CenterNovel Centrifugal Baffle Design and Arrangement for Spiral Redirection of Heat Exchanger Flow
Erika Pinto's Poster
Natalie ChristopherManchester High SchoolShort Term Guided Mindfulness Meditation Compared with a Placebo Stress Supplement in Acute Stress Reduction
Natalie Christopher's Poster
Lindsey DarbyDarien High SchoolAnalysis of Comprehension Scores of Middle School Students Using Different Forms of Reading (Assisted Reading and Digital Texts)
Lindsey Darby's Poster
Madeline FergusonBiotechnology and Zoological Research Sciences at Fairchild Wheeler Interdistrict Magnet CampusNature’s Remedy: Natural Alternatives to Triclosan-Based Cleaning Products to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance
Madeline Ferguson's Poster

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