How do you earn points?

This year we are incorporating a gamification component through the CT-JSHS website to incentivize students (by earning points) to complete preconference activities. The top 3 students and top 3 schools with the highest number of points will be recognized at the CT-JSHS awards ceremony.

Step 1Register for the Event Game on the website. All are welcome to participate. Only registered students are eligible to win prizes for event game participation. Please list the complete name of your school when completing your registration. The top 3 students and top 3 schools with the highest number of points will be recognized at the CT-JSHS awards ceremony.

Step 2: Login and start earning points by completing tasks. All current tasks for point-earning are posted on the website (see link below). More tasks will become available as we approach the event including during the non-competitive virtual STEM poster exhibition that will be held the week of February 27-March 3.

Step 3: Check back for more point-earning tasks at Make sure to login to your profile before completing tasks. 

Step 4: Individual and school winners will be announced at the March 4 symposium awards ceremony. (Even if you can’t attend on March 4, you can still win the Event Game–winners will be notified.) 

Remember! You must log in to the CT-JSHS website to record any points earned for task completion. Make sure to log in each time you wish to complete a task. If you are logged out your points WILL NOT be recorded.

Event Game Rules: 

(1) All event game participants must be registered to participate in CT-JSHS event by way of the CVENT portal. Even if you cannot attend the symposium on March 4th you are still eligible to participate in pre-event activities including the Event Game. While we strongly encourage everyone to attend the CT-JSHS Symposium we know this is not possible for everyone. Registrants for the Event Game that are NOT registered for CT-JSHS by way of CVENT will be disqualified from winning prizes. 

(2) Deadline to complete tasks is March 3rd at 12pm. Only tasks completed by this deadline will be considered for the top 3 student and top 3 school prizes. All tasks will be disabled upon the deadline. 

Click the dropdown “Show Details” to view the list of tasks to earn points. 


Additional point earning event (50 points to attend!)

Check back for more ways to earn points!

Earn points and win the following achievements

High Achiever!

Earn 100 Event Game points to unlock the High Achiever Achievement!

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