Registration Tips


  • In early November, mail packets were sent to CT school principals and science department chairpersons.
    • Each school can select up to 10 students to register/apply online by DECEMBER 16, to attend as observers or presenters. (Registration for non-presenter [“observer”] students and their chaperone will continue after December 13. Home-schooled students are also welcome.) 
    • Students must be accompanied by a chaperone (for one or a group of up to 10) on the day of the symposium.
    • Some activities will take place online during pre-week. The CT-JSHS Game (win a gift card!) features online activities.
    • If your school is not organizing a delegation to the symposium, you are still welcome to attend!

Student registration:

  • Students should ask their science teacher if they can be included in the school’s delegation (of just one or up to ten students).
  • Students may attend as a presenter or an “observer” (non-presenter):
    • If applying to present, select registration type “Student Participant” when you register.
    • If NOT applying to present, select registration type “Other/Guest” and then on the “JSHS Custom Questions” page, select “Student who is not applying to present”.
  • Those having applied (by December 16) to present their research will have until January 5, 2023, to modify their online application with an abstract, Statement of Outside Assistance form, short-answer questions, and a 3-minute video for consideration for oral and poster presentations. This is a competitive process. Applicants will be informed by January 23, 2023, as to whether they have been selected as a presenter.

Teacher registration (chaperone or non-chaperone):

  • If you have student(s) applying to compete, select the category “JSHS Teacher” or “JSHS Mentor” (whichever you prefer/is more appropriate) when you register.
  • If you do NOT have students applying to compete, select the category “JSHS Teacher” when you register.

Parent/guardian registration (chaperone as needed):

  • If the student’s school is not able to provide a chaperone for the school’s delegation, a parent can be a chaperone.
  • Select the registration category “Other/Guest” and then on the “JSHS Custom Questions” page select “Parent/Guardian”.

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