Team/Group Projects

To be considered for a competitive section (oral or poster), you must select one student to represent the team because National JSHS provides the scholarships and will only award them to one person. This person must acknowledge their team member and what role they played in the project as part of the application (and presentation). The person presenting will be judged on how well they communicate and represent their team.

Please note: Students that would like to be considered/nominated by the CT regional conference for the Presidential Scholarship will need to still register and participate in the event even if they are not chosen to represent their project in the competition.

At the regional symposium (CT-JSHS), team members ARE allowed to present together in the STEM poster exhibition (non-competitive).

To summarize, there are two options (Cvent application/registration guidance is provided for each option below):

  1. Present your project as a team (in that case your application would not be considered for the competitive sections of CT-JSHS during the review process).
    • Cvent application/registration instructions: Provide the exact same title, abstract, and video (both team members can appear in the video) on both of your applications/registrations OR
  2. One team member will represent the team’s project with the hope of being selected for one of CT-JSHS’s competitive sections (oral or poster) and finishing well enough to be a member of CT’s delegation to National JSHS.
    • Cvent application/registration instructions: Only one should apply/register as a presenter but mention the other team member(s) in the abstract and video (only the one person should appear in the video).
    • The other should apply/register as an observer. In either case, both need to register for CT-JSHS and are considered two of a maximum of 10 for the school’s delegation, assuming both team members attend the same school and assuming one would still want to attend as an observer if the other applies to present competitively. (If the 10-per-school delegation limit is an issue for your school, let us know.) Note: There was an instance where a team decided to diverge and develop two different projects from their joint idea–different enough to create two submissions. In this case, each applied to present the portion of the project that each was responsible for and the titles, videos, and abstracts were divergent enough so that the separation was clear to the reviewers.

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