2023 Alumni Interviews- Allie Goetjen and Dr. Bracken

Allie Goetjen is a 2008 alumnus of CT JSHS. Allie will complete the UConn MD/PhD program in May 2023 and has interviewed for residency positions in psychiatry that will also allow her to continue research. It was through the MD/PhD program that Allie met Dr. Bracken, who is now a rheumatology and immunology fellow at Duke University Medical Center. 

Questions asked:

1.     In high school and college, what were some activities you participated in that helped shape your career goals?

2.     Can you explain the full title of your position and what you’re doing right now in terms of training?

3.     In thinking about applying for MD/PhD programs, was there ever a time when you wanted to pursue one or the other? Why did you decide to do both?

4.      Through your course of scientific work, what did you look for in a mentor and what do you aim to give to those who are your mentees? 

5.     What additional advice would you give to students in high school and college interested in a similar career? 

6.     What is the most exciting aspect about your job?

7.     What do you aim to leave as your legacy at the end of your career?

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