Dataset Resources

This page provides links to publicly available databases to help guide new and developing STEM research programs in Connecticut high schools. By providing these resources we hope to support the development of STEM research among students from schools that do not necessarily have the resources for wet-lab or bench research. Below are a few resources related to each of the 8 competitive research categories.

Medicine & Health/Behavioral Sciences

COVID-19 Community Vulnerability Crosswalk – Rank Ordered by Score

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Prevalence Data (2011 to present)

Physical Sciences

Satellite-derived Ocean Color Data sets from historical and currently operational NASA and International Satellite missions 


North American electricity power-grid and communication-network anomalies for several magnetic storms (2022)


Mathematics and Computer Science

World Data AI
Global Data is a platform that includes data published by government agencies, private agencies and universities. This database consists of over 3.3 Billion Datasets across 16 sectors.


Biomedical Sciences

Global gene expression analysis highlights microgravity sensitive key genes in longissimus dorsi and tongue of 30 days space-flown mice (2017)


Low dose (0.04 Gy) irradiation (LDR) and hindlimb unloading (HLU) microgravity in mice: brain transcriptomic and epigenomic data (2021)


GenBank release 250.0

The GenBank database is designed to provide and encourage access within the scientific community to the most up to date and comprehensive DNA sequence information. (2022)

Microgravity effect on C. elegans N2/VC (CERISE, 8days)



Seattle Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Cell Atlas

Adult Changes in Thought Study

Evaluation of in vitro macrophage differentiation during space flight


Environmental Science

Map of Landslides by Country – Based on Global Landslide Catalog Export (1988-2017)


Alaska Marine Mammal Strandings/Entanglements 2020


State of the Ocean Observing System


NOAA Data Resources for Educators


EPA Geospatial Applications



Ames Quantum Chemistry Dataset

Includes electronic structure, reaction kinetics, and dynamics data calculated at Ames Research Center. This includes potential energy curves and surfaces as well as the reaction cross sections and rate coefficients. Nasa Open Data Portal


Chemistry and Chemical & Biological Engineering Datasets

Finding and reusing research datasets: Chemistry

Engineering & Technology

CardioVascular Research Grid 

The CardioVascular Research Grid (CVRG) project is creating an infrastructure for sharing cardiovascular data and data analysis tools. To access the datasets currently available, click here.

PhysioNet offers free web access to large collections of recorded physiologic signals (PhysioBank) and related open-source software (PhysioToolkit).

Updated June 30, 2022

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