Why are you a researcher?

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6 thoughts on “Why are you a researcher?

  1. I am a researcher because I enjoy learning about the world around me. I am fascinated that we as human beings are made up of atoms, molecules, and cells. These processes work together in incredible ways to to allow us to do the amazing things such as think, feel, and create. Applying the scientific method allows me to ask questions in order to learn more about our reality.

  2. I am researcher because I like to advance current scientific technology and techniques. I love to advance the knowledge that the world has currently, and I like that I am a part of it. The best part of it is that you have to collaborate with the people who have left their mark on advancement before you for you to be able to advance the future. I love helping and research allows me to do that.

  3. I am a researcher because I enjoy the process. Though at times it can be boring or repetitive, it’s really rewarding in the end and that makes up for the few downsides

  4. I challenge the question; who isn’t a researcher? No, perhaps not all of us have a seemingly bottomless budget in a top-notch laboratory, and perhaps not all of us are conducting individual science research projects with the intention of finding something new, but humans actively seek new information on a daily basis. From internet searches, keeping up with the news, asking questions in class, we all seek knowledge— information. Under the definition of research being “the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions”, I wish to not disregard the systematicy of anyone wishing to develop themselves as an individual through the pursuit of knowledge, and the asking of questions.

    I’m a researcher because I want to be. Because, in order to advance intellectually, you have to be.

  5. I am a research because I want to keep expanding my knowledge on various topics and stay up to date with current happenings. Research is ever changing and I want to continue this in my future career.

  6. I am a researcher because I love to learn about new information. Whether my research helps one person or decades of people to come, I am excited to see where my project will take the medical field

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