4 thoughts on “CT-JSHS Alumni Spotlight: Paul Hansel

  1. I am planning on majoring in physics and am a little nervous for how much I will be confused about, but am excited to figure it out along the way. What is your biggest piece of advice for a physics major?

    1. This advice isn’t unique to physics, but make sure you give yourself enough opportunities to learn as possible. The material you’ll study in an undergrad physics degree took a long time to figure out; give yourself time, too. Nobody really understands 100% of a topic the first instant they encounter it.

      If you’re having trouble understanding a problem or technique, try looking for alternative avenues of learning it: ask your peers, talk to a different professor, try a different textbook (physics PDFs are everywhere), look up a YouTube video or lecture on it. Don’t stare at a sheet of paper that isn’t making sense – it won’t magically change on its own. The professors who teach your courses might be your primary instructors in undergrad, but they shouldn’t be your only teachers. They won’t always be able to deliver slam-dunk lectures that keep 100% of the class engaged; they will sometimes have bad days. Having back-up avenues for learning will help you survive both challenging semesters and unfocused instructors.

      Happy new years!

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